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Outdoor All Weather Clothes Lines Direct

Already selling in the UK and France, it is now the turn of Ireland to experience the advantages of a new alternative to the traditional clothesline.

Irish Insulation Direct has been appointed the sole Irish agent for Linecover.

Linecover is a covered clothesline which will dry your clothes quickly even in the rain. You can now hang out your washing without worrying about the weather forecast, at the same time freeing up space in your house and saving a minimum of Euro 50-100 per annum on tumble dryer energy costs. (Euro 1-2 per week). Linecover has a unique aerodynamic design allowing the wind to circulate and blow through the clothes resulting in intensive drying. The cover magnifies the heat, drying your washing much faster than traditional clotheslines.

Linecover helps to prevent damp ceilings as your washing can be left out until it is dry. No pegs are needed.
The covered clotheslines are constructed using high quality materials and are built to last. (Building standard pvc piping is used in the frame, pvc covered twin core steel in the clothesline, and marine grade pvc in the covers.) There is no need to dig holes or put down concrete. The clotheslines can be attached to your house, garden wall or garden shed so instead of a traditional washing line dominating your garden you can localise your laundry in a small space.


Buying and ordering : Call us on 086 3644193, and discuss your options, and you can pay at our corporate payment page.

The price will be dependent on the size of your clothes line, and whether or not you want fitting (and where you want it fitted).

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Made in Ireland

2 Sizes Available

T1.7 mtr. wide, 1.8 high (adjustable) and 50 cm. deep. (18 mtrs. /58.5 ft. of line-2/3 washes) Price: Euro 199. 2.2 mtr. wide, 1.8 high (adjustable) and 50 cm. deep. (24 mtrs. /78.0 ft. of line-3/4 washes) Price: Euro 249. (Delivery and fitting is extra and ranges from Euro 20-100 depending on location. Contact us for quote.) All our products are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee on the purchase price. (Extra costs such as delivery and fitting are not refundable.)