insulate the water tank in your attic reduce drafts from your attic with a attic stairway insulator

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An Attic Tank Jacket is essential to avoid burst pipes and your water freezing over in winter.

Our attic tank jackets are easily installed by any DIY enthusiast in about 10 minutes and insulate your loft cold water tank.

Our Attic Tank Jackets also have a secondary, but important function, they act as a cover for your attic water tank, preventing your attic water tank getting contaminated by dust, or dead insects or birds. Remember this is the water you use to brush your teeth, bath/shower in, wash your hands and face with.

Coldwater Attic Tank Insulation

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You can buy an Attic Tank Jacket from us from just €29.99 including delivery nationwide.

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Our Attic Tank Jackets come in a generous universal size, and is comprised of two main parts,
i) wrap around skirt and
ii) a top cover section
Also included are two plastic supports and sufficient anti-rot string to securely tie it to the tank.

Our attic tank jacket is wider and longer than other water tank jackets on the market. It will fit ALL old fashioned regular high tanks, as well as all slim-line tanks up to and including the 5' long model.

Panels Measure:
160" x 28" Skirt (406 cm x 71 cm)
28" x 60" Top Cover Panel (71 cm x 152 cm)

Imported/Competitor attic tank jackets normally are on 24" wide and shorter lengths often necessitating the use of two jackets on the one tank!

If your home has a non-standard size attic water tank, we can make a customized insulating jacket for you. Simply contact us with details and dimensions and let us come up with a solution for you.

Installation Instructions:
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1. Un-insulated Attic Water Tank (not a good idea)

2. Wrap skirt around tank, and tie with anti-rot string. Our universal attic tank jacket fits 90% of water tanks.

3. Add Rigid Supports for Attic Water Tank Cover

4. Add Attic Tank Cover and tuck into skirt.

And in 10 minutes, your attic water tank is ready for winter.


Expansion Tank Jacket

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The cost of all products on this website include delivery. Our Attic Tank Jackets are manufactured in Ireland to the highest industry standards.

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